Avanti Environmental Group operate one of the UK’s most advanced Hazardous Waste Transfer Stations and is one of the nation’s leading environmental management organizations, which delivers outstanding reuse and recovery rates for the wastes received; facilitating enhanced compliance with the demands of the Waste Hierarchy by delivering an ‘R’ code route for your lab smalls with a proven track record in supporting businesses to safely and responsibly dispose of their hazardous waste.

Our expertise in the field of waste management allows us to offer your business a ‘one stop shop’ for your laboratory’s waste. Our highly trained staff can treat and process all major laboratory waste streams, from redundant laboratory samples and chemical contaminated PPE, to excess stock and old electrical equipment (WEEE).

Avanti Laboratory Services provides a complete range of Laboratory Services that can be designed around your unique needs, concerns and constraints. Our dedicated team are here to support your organisation in managing the disposal of your laboratory’s waste, reduce your disposal costs, and achieving a safe and environmentally friendly disposal option.